May 24, 2024

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The US is doing great–so long as you don’t compare it with any other country

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UNITED STATES – Comparing things has never been a great way to sort through information. Example: If you just filled your gas tank and paid $2.68/gallon, would you want someone to come up and tell you that there’s a gas station selling gas for $1.99 down the block? No! Of course you wouldn’t! We live in America–we don’t have to second-guess anything we do!

What’s more, we come up with out own solutions. Saying that we’ve hit 3 million cases of Coronavirus in the United States doesn’t sound half bad… unless you consider that we make up 25% of all of the worldwide cases. Don’t do that! That makes it sound worse.

If you say the death percentage is only 3%, that sounds great! Keep it that way! Don’t bring in the total number of deaths. That’d be scary if we started saying 136 thousand people have died here in three months.

Also, it’s important to note that we’ve handled this as best as we could without infringing on our human rights! And, you know what, that’s absolutely true!–Unless you look at literally any other country in the world with the same freedoms as we have. They’re almost finished, when we’re just getting started.

If you compare us with someone else, OF COURSE we’re going to look bad!

Again, don’t look at it that way! We live in the United States, so those other countries aren’t our business. It doesn’t matter how well they’re doing–we won’t do what they do! We need to care about us, and that’s it. We can invent our own solutions to our own problems, and let’s face it, if we don’t compare our solutions to the ones done by other countries, we’ll always consider ourselves to be the best!

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