May 24, 2024

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Local Author Attributes TikTok Success to Learning Excel

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TIKTOK—A Local Author amassed about 17 thousand followers this week during his push to his goal of 69,420.  When asked about his success, he told the press he didn’t really understand it.

“All I did was use Excel and I googled a bunch of stuff,” he said.  “I’m sure anyone could’ve done it.  Except for maybe older people, and maybe a few realtors.  Realtors never know how to use computers.”

After we interviewed his new followers, they showed great enthusiasm for Powers on the TikTok platform.  They told reporters words of excitement ranging from, “He’s fine I guess,” to “Can you do Colorado next?!”

One of them chimed in to say, “I’ve already lived that life, Sparky!”

And while the excitement is still setting in, Powers told reporters, “The main thing here is… we all get to meet a bunch of new friends.  That’s the important thing.”

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