May 24, 2024

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Betsy DeVos surprised to learn that after defunding, public schools still have teachers, students

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WASHINGTON–In an interview Monday morning with NPR, Betsy Devos was informed that after public schools were defunded, they still had the resources to teach children and employ teachers.

At first, she disagreed with the reporter. When the reporter asked her what the plan is to ensure that teachers at public schools get the tools to bring the same quality of education to students as private schools, she responded saying “No. No, that’s impossible. There’s no way there are still teachers or students at public schools.”

The reporter backed his claim by informing DeVos of the average teacher-student ratios in most districts as well as the average annual salary that teachers typically earn.

DeVos then claimed, “I had no idea. There’s absolutely no way for teachers to teach students with the funding I gave them.”

She then told the reporter, “I’ll make another move to defund public schools as soon as possible. Eventually it’ll be an impossibility to pay teachers, and students will be forced to switch to private schools. We can’t have students attending schools that are managed in such a way.”

“This is a real shame,” she told the reporter. “I was under the assumption that we were nearly complete with the defunding process. Looking at the data, I’m worried that we’ve only begun.”

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