June 15, 2024

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The least popular name in news

“Free Market is only free to those who fund my campaign,” says Republican Law Maker Mitch McConnell

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KENTUCKY – Mitch McConnell said in a controversial, yet ultimately unsurprising development on Tuesday that the free market should only be used by those who fund his campaign.

“I really don’t think anyone who believes in equal rights for the poor has any right to control the stock market,” he said.

A reporter interviewing McConnell questioned whether or not he believed that the line should be drawn on income, or whether the rich should be allowed to trade stocks whether or not they donated to his campaign. He responded by saying, “Let’s bring Elon Musk into the equation. He’s a billionaire. One of the most successful people in human history. He put money into GME and AMC. This behavior can’t be tolerated.”

“He helped threaten the overarching power of the other billionaires who fund my campaign. He must not be allowed to trade stock,” he added.

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