June 15, 2024

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“I wish I could be like that other local artist,” claims local artist of equal or better quality

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“I wish she’d take a step back and realize that her work is beautiful in its own way.”

—Friend of Local artist on facebook

FACEBOOK—Local artist Jane Shaw went online early Wednesday afternoon and noticed her friend’s post, showing off his latest creative ventures. Immediately following, she sent a depressed text message to another friend, claiming that she wishes her art was of the same value.

“I don’t understand,” said Jane’s friend. “She admires the work of other local artists all day. She obsesses over them. She sometimes logs into DeviantArt and looks through their catalogues. She does the same with blogs on YouTube. Most of the artists she follows only have a few hundred subscribers. A few of them follow her as well. I wish she’d take a step back and realize that her work is beautiful in its own way.”

Jane also spoke up to her friend and said that she wishes that, somehow, there could be a way for all local artists to support each other.

“If only there was an outlet to for other local artists to share their successes with us, and by extension, for us to share our successes with others.”

—local artist

“If only there was a way for all of them to share some successes with one another,” she typed in a status on Facebook.

A few moments later, she shared the same sentiment on Twitter.

“I wish there was an outlet for local artists to group together and support each other,” she tweeted.

As she waited for her usual twitter responses, she fled to Instagram where she thought about uploading her art to her handful of followers. Before she got the chance to do it, she got distracted by another local artist’s work.

“It was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen today,” she told her friend. “If only there was a way to let them know that I enjoyed it.”

“I’d share the picture and tag her on Facebook, Re-Tweet it, or comment on her Insta… but I worry that my opinion wouldn’t mean much and I’d look like a stalker or something.”

—Local artist

After her friend told her to take a small step back, she made a realization about that she’d never thought of before.

She started to wonder.

“If one of them were to comment on my art, or re-tweet it, or share it on Facebook… I’d love that,” she said. “But, they’d probably feel weird about it until I started sharing their stuff.”

“Maybe the solution starts with me… maybe if I share my friends stuff, they’d start sharing mine and we could grow together.”

—Local artist

Facing that realization, she immediately took to Insta and shared her friends art, re-tweeted another friend’s quote on Twitter, and shared a link on Facebook to another friend’s website.

“I feel good about this,” Jane told her friend. “Maybe if we grow together, I’ll start to realize that my work is just as meaningful as theirs.”

“And maybe,” she added, “just maybe… we’ll find some success in these trying times. Together. As friends.”

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